Transportation design

A significant portion of our clients are in the transportation industry. Companies such as Bombardier, Volvo and CAE regularly call on our experts to optimize the design and functionalities of their vehicles. Our work not only involves the development of vehicle interior and exterior panneling and commodities but can also touch integration of functional systems as well as ergonomic operation workstations.


• Vehicle design
• Interior architecture and layout of various zones (operator and passenger)
• Integration of mechanical systems, amenities and specific components
• Systems, floor, walls and ceiling finishing
• Choice of colors, finishes and textures
• Creation of 3D renderings for validation
• Compliance with standards, regulations and requirements of transportation authorities
• Ergonomic certification



The use of full scale mock-ups is particularly critical in designing transportation products because of the multiple points of human interaction.

• 1:1 scale mock-up for preliminary validation
• Analysis and optimization of operator commands and controls
• Full-sized functional mock-up
• Aesthetic mock-up



One of the strengths of ALTO Design lies in its capacity to bring proposed concepts to life by executing the detailed technical design all the way through final fabrication and assembly drawings.

• Detailed technical development including complete 3D modelling, engineering and manufacturing drawings as well as parts nomenclature
• Finite element analysis (FEA) using ANSYS
• Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T)
• Engineering analysis and calculations provided by OIQ members
• Optimization of parts for large-scale production
• Materials and manufacturing process specifications
• First article inspection, parts and vehicle (FAI)
• Compliance with transportation standards and requirements
• Support on the production line

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