We reimagine everyday products. Some are worn, like a connected wristband, while others, like air fresheners, help us unnoticed. In a competitive global market where users are increasingly demanding and connected, our products deliver experiences.

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Innovation made simple

We create exceptional products and experiences in close collaboration with customers from a wide range of sectors

Intuitive and coherent, objects are a delight. Achieving this level of user experience depends as much on the overall definition of the product as on the quality of its execution, down to the smallest detail. From the usage scenario to the selection of textures and finishes, we materialize your product’s objectives at different levels.

We support your project’s vision throughout the pre-commercialization stages. Our engineering team ensures product optimization and industrialization in preparation for mass production. Our services also include responsible packaging and visual support for marketing.

Materializing ideas

We put people at the heart of our approach and our ambitions

Deep empathy is essential to put oneself in the users’ shoes and propose relevant solutions. We test our ideas with agility to design smooth, engaging interactions. This approach enables us to ensure the overall appropriateness of product interaction, an indispensable aspect of enjoyable use.

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