Flesh out ideas to speed up validation.


The variety of our prototypes is testament to our multiple fabrication capabilities

The versatility of our prototyping expertise enables us to support each project with precision and efficiency. Our services enable us to validate product concepts at every stage, from volume mock-up to pre-production prototype. Our multi-technical workshop and extensive network of suppliers enable us to manufacture prototypes to specific requirements, whether for large-scale mechanical parts or soft goods. Our facilities also enable us to produce complex assemblies including mechanical, hydraulic and electronic systems.

The prototyping service includes the following activities:

  • Production of volume mock-ups
  • Production of functional prototypes
  • Production of show prototypes
  • Assembly of complex systems
  • 3D printing
  • Finishing and painting

Volume Mock-up

Mock-ups of varying levels of precision at different stages of the project enable practical and aesthetic aspects to be verified, ensuring that every detail meets your product’s objectives.

Functional prototypes

We excel in creating functional prototypes thanks to our mastery of manufacturing processes.

Our procurement department benefits from an established supplier network (local and overseas) that ensures the availability of the necessary materials, enabling turnkey prototype manufacturing with short lead times. We also carry out numerous manufacturing and assembly operations in our well-equipped workshop (wood, metal, molding, welding, thermoforming, sewing, etc.). Functional prototyping is essential for testing your products in real-life conditions before mass production.

Show prototypes

Our show prototypes mimic the industrial finish of many processes, allowing you to evaluate the appearance of your finished product before it goes into production.

Our expertise includes finishing and painting services. Our paint room ensures uniform, high-quality application, essential for prototypes that need to be presented or tested visually. We ensure that every finished product accurately reflects your initial vision and achieves the quality you expect.

3D printing

Our 3D printing department is equipped with several printers capable of producing rigid and flexible parts, using different types of resins. This flexibility enables us to respond quickly and accurately to the specific needs of each project, promoting rapid and efficient iteration during product development.

Our expertise in prototype manufacturing enables us to validate your product concepts at every stage. Take advantage of our workshop capabilities to meet your development challenges.