Create innovative and elegant products that meet the real needs of the user.

Industrial design

Industrial design challenges paradigms to create innovative solutions that improve users’ everyday lives

Being user-centered, our expertise goes beyond aesthetic considerations. Our creative process places people and their experiences at the heart of every formal, functional, ergonomic and cognitive consideration.

Our empathy and know-how enable us to develop innovative, elegant products that meet real user needs. Our multidisciplinary team brings your ambitious product vision to life, from the first sketches to production models.

For over thirty years, our customers have been entrusting us with projects in a wide variety of sectors: consumer products, medical products, industrial equipment, transport and packaging. We tailor the following activities to the specifics of each project:

  • Analysis of the current situation
  • Product architecture
  • Ergonomic study
  • Use scenarios
  • Brainstorming
  • Preliminary sketches
  • 3D modeling
  • Volumetric mock-ups
  • Validation mock-ups and 3D printing
  • Print proofs (packaging)
  • Human machine interface (HMI)
  • Rendering and animation
  • Graphic design

Formal and functional design

Designing exceptional products requires establishing a clear vision of qualitative criteria and infusing it into every stage of the design process. We help you stay on course during this iterative process by employing conceptualization methods adapted to the different phases of development. We bring your ideas to life by imagining products that demonstrate an excellent mastery of form and aesthetics, in line with your brand identity.

We help you bring out the full potential of your ideas by reconsidering the way things are done, while remaining pragmatic about the objectives to be achieved. Ideally supported by a decisive strategy phase, our design process begins with an analysis of the market and the existing situation, to identify opportunities for the development of your future products.

Based on our observations and your inputs, we sketch out the use scenarios and identify expected functions and potential paint points. Clarifying the conditions of the user experience enables us to imagine different product architectures that will be evaluated to develop advanced concepts. In particular, we refine concepts by carrying out ergonomic studies based on human factors, using 1:1 scale mock-ups and 3D simulations.

In the ideation phase, our creativity is expressed through preliminary sketches and mock-ups to explore a variety of possibilities. Working closely with our customers, we gradually refine the formal and functional attributes of the concepts. 3D modeling, 3D printing and prototyping feed an agile validation process. These iterative test loops enable us, among other things, to design coherent, easy-to-use human-machine interfaces (HMIs).


Packaging design

Packaging projects have specific constraints linked to manufacturing, conditioning, distribution and recycling operations. We take into account these particularities, as well as consumer behaviours and changing regulatory requirements, to design innovative, high-performance and optimized packaging.

As with other types of products, packaging design is the result of an iterative creation and validation process centered on the user experience. However, packaging has the particularity of involving many different stakeholders along its value chain. The manufacturer, the packer, the carrier, the distributor and the final consumer are all users with their own capabilities and constraints. By taking a holistic approach to packaging design, we are able to meet the specific needs of each of them.

Mock-ups and 3D printing facilitate testing of different product architectures under real conditions of visibility and handling. These validation methods enable us to assess the user’s perspective on the appreciation, unboxing and/or dispensing of the product contained in the packaging.

Graphic design also plays a critical role in differentiating your packaging in a competitive environment. We prepare the print files for your packaging to ensure that your concept is meticulously detailed.

Whatever the level of maturity of your packaging, we position ourselves as a creative and strategic partner to help you design more responsible packaging, with a commitment to sustainable development.

Marketing support

Industrialized products often require the creation of multiple media components to support marketing activities. The expertise developed in designing your products enables us to create targeted media for your users or potential investors.

For your promotional needs, we create realistic renderings that show your products at their best. Need animation? We’ll create a storyboard to highlight your products’ unique features.

In an event context, we can help you maximize the visual impact of your trade show booth by designing both the trim and the furniture.

Finally, we can help you develop various customer support documents, including instruction manuals.

Would you like to give shape to your ideas with the support of an experienced design team? Contact us today to benefit from our industrial design expertise.