Bring to life your product vision and ensure consistency between the physical and digital user experience.

Interaction design

We consider all aspects of user interaction, both physical and digital, in order to generate intuitive and optimal behavior

When someone wants to use a product, they often have to interact with a range of physical and digital interfaces without distinguishing the boundaries between them.

Turning a knob to adjust a setting, touching a screen to select an option, pushing on a part to deactivate a safety mechanism… these are all examples of common interactions that require empathetic reflection on the ability of physical and digital elements to communicate their function properly, to avoid usage errors and frustrations. That’s why we apply the same user-centered approach to creating distinctive physical products as we do to imagining intuitive digital interfaces.

We have developed our expertise in user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) to help you develop practical, safe and enjoyable user experiences.

Interaction design includes:

  • Creation of personas
  • User journey
  • Navigation organization (wireframe)
  • Human machine interface (HMI)
  • Harmonization of digital interface with physical product design
  • Graphic design of interfaces (GUI)
  • Mockup and prototyping
  • User testing

User experience (UX)

A user centered approach is fundamental to the design of interactive solutions that respond efficiently to user needs and are coherent with your product strategy.

Our designers’ empathy helps them define intuitive user journeys to improve interface fluidity and avoid potential pain points. The creation of personas based on ethnographic data facilitates the creation of representative user profiles, enabling us to pinpoint functionalities and interfaces according to the specific expectations of target groups. Based on user research, we structure the information architecture using clear, functional wireframes.

User tests are regularly carried out to assess the relevance and effectiveness of interfaces, leading to adjustments based on real-world results. This iterative validation process ensures an optimal user experience, enhancing end-user engagement and satisfaction.

User interface (UI)

User interface (UI) design consists in creating and arranging visual and interactive features that will naturally guide the user experience. The user interface (UI) is built on the structure previously defined by the user experience (UX) analysis.

We draw from our graphic design skills to create layouts where every aspect (reading hierarchy, colors, fonts, animations, pictograms) reinforces cognitive ergonomics and aesthetic cohesion.

We simultaneously harmonize the digital interface with the product physical design for total visual and functional coherence. We create physical and digital prototypes to visualize future interaction before final implementation. This approach allows us to fine-tune every element of the interface to ensure that it is not only representative, but also responsive and adaptable to different use cases.

Each interface is designed to enhance the overall product experience, focusing on ease of use and navigation efficiency, while remaining true to the brand’s visual identity.

Our UX and UI expertise ensures consistency between the physical and digital user experience of products. Moreover, our team can take charge of interaction design at different stages of development. Got a project in mind? Tell us how we can help you develop your interface.