We create spaces, trim and on-board systems for road, rail and air transport. The design of a vehicle and/or its equipment is integrated into complex contexts involving many factors. Our work enables us to understand the global ecosystem and define the design approach.

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Your development and prototyping partner

We create distinctive spaces, trims and on-boards systems for the transportation industry

We operate in the road, rail and air transport sectors. One of the great strengths of our multidisciplinary team is our ability to turn proposed concepts into reality, from technical development through to manufacturing and assembly drawings.

Our prototyping capabilities enable us to simulate concepts realistically. Our workshop enables us to replicate vehicle sections at 1:1 scale on our own premises. Our mixed VR system enables us to superimpose scale models and 3D designs in spatial synchronization.

Transport-specific expertise

We carry out activities tailored to the specific needs of vehicle, equipment and trim projects

In addition to our usual design and engineering services, we offer expertise specific to transportation:

  • Ergonomics studies: physical environment, comfort, fields of vision, frequency, flow
  • Compliance with standards, regulations and transport authority requirements
  • Design of interior trim, bodywork, driver’s cabs and equipment
  • Design of user (passenger) experience, physical interfaces and digital interfaces
  • Definition of colors, finishes and textures
  • User testing and observation
  • Design of related environments, in collaboration with architectural partners (charging station, boarding station, passenger transit areas)
  • Preliminary validation mockups, scale 1:1 (Soft Mockup)
  • Aesthetic presentation mockups, scale 1:1 (Hard Mockup)
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