Connect your development objectives with user needs to identify innovative, relevant and sustainable design opportunities.


We uncover opportunities for product innovation by analyzing market needs and business objectives

Our expertise enables us to discover and define a foundation for the development of distinctive products. User experience analysis, innovation strategy, sustainable development and the definition of a visual brand language enable us to design bold products that meet the needs of target users and the market.

Activities carried out in the strategy phase include:

  • Opportunity identification
  • Market analysis, validation and positioning
  • User journey and personas
  • Definition of value propositions
  • Semiotic analysis
  • Visual brand language (VBL)
  • Design guidelines
  • Ecodesign strategy
  • Life cycle assessment (LCA)
  • Technology watch

Innovation strategy

Innovation strategy enables us to identify design opportunities and value propositions derived from our various analysis tools.

Market and positioning analysis reveals the competitive landscape and uncovers opportunities to differentiate your future products. This analysis ensures competitive positioning in line with current and emerging trends. The creation of personas and user journeys enables us to better understand needs in relation to the user experience, and to evaluate the contribution of alternative use scenarios. This detailed understanding of user needs and pain points helps to define different value propositions.

Drawing on our experience and network of market validation experts, we capture consumer priorities by asking the right questions. Decisions supported by survey and interview data facilitate discussions with your collaborators.

Visual Brand Language (VBL)

The formal attributes of your products embody your brand’s identity, values and personality. All these attributes are referred to as visual brand language (VBL). We can help you define a distinctive, coherent VBL that will stir users’ emotions and build loyalty to your brand.

VBL is the result of market analysis and a semiotic approach that exploits opportunities and trends so that your products become ambassadors for your brand thanks to uniform cohesive aesthetic. A visual language strategy based on representative formal pillars guarantees brand recognition and reflects your market positioning.

Once established, the various VBL components (shapes, colors, materials, finishes) are documented in a set of design guidelines for the creation of future products and services. These guidelines become a frame of reference for designers and marketing teams alike. The guidelines speed up the development of future products and guarantee the overall coherence of the brand’s various lines.

Ecodesign and sustainable development

Industrial design plays a crucial role in the development of responsible products, by anticipating the environmental impact of design, sourcing, production and product end-of-life choices.

As part of a sustainable development approach, we can help you define the ecodesign strategy for your future products. The development of this strategy raises questions necessary to define your objectives in terms of sustainability, circularity and optimization of resources. Aware of the operational challenges involved, we tailor our support to your priorities and encourage collaboration between stakeholders.

Depending on the specifics of your project, we develop a design strategy that addresses your concerns and requirements. Backed by our network of experts in responsible innovation, we are able to carry out life cycle assessments (LCA) of your products, in order to propose scenarios that will facilitate the transition of your supply chain. We also maintain a technology watch, so we can advise you on the materials and processes best suited to your environmental targets.

We can also plan for a design that facilitates the separation of parts and materials to improve the repairability and recyclability of products.

Whatever the nature of your project, our team is ready to help you identify innovation opportunities for your future products. Contact us today to discuss your needs.