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Technimount Healthcare System product line

Product line that facilitates the mobility of devices and the installation of critical care accessories in a hospital environment.

The THS product line represents a significant advancement in facilitating the work of healthcare providers. With its modular attachment system compatible with the Technimount emergency transport attachment system, the new THS product line provides a seamless, continuous experience for critical patient care, from emergency transport to the hospital clinical environment.

The system was conceived and built from scratch, considering design criteria such as safety, ease of cleaning, and the overall visual cohesion of the line. The flexibility of components to meet the precise needs of patients was also central to the design. The THS product line includes: the Premium IV Stand, the Ergo IV Stand, the Medical Device Roll Stand, and the Workstation on Wheels.

The purity of functionalism

Close collaboration with staff was necessary to develop innovative solutions to deliver a higher level of care to patients. Understanding the needs allowed for a rigorous selection of features for each support and the integration of multiple quick-adjust functions with color-coded indicators across the platform. The brand’s visual language was anchored in reliability, inviting appearance, and purity.

The premium IV stand offers options with one, two, or three poles as well as various configurations of accessories tailored to the specific needs of care units.

The patented “Techni-Clamp” fixing clamp draws inspiration from the classic movement of syringes, enabling the quick installation of pumps and other medical devices on IV poles and tubular structures, thus helping providers reduce time and effort.

The Ergo IV stand base facilitates walking and encourages patients to regain mobility more quickly by providing stability and adequate foot space. The height-adjustable handle is also designed for comfortable posture, allowing for confident ambulation

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