Services tailored for innovation

Fueled by a passionate team and validated by over 2,000 delivered projects, our service offerings reflect the refinement of our expertise over more than three decades.



Build the foundation of your future products on a comprehensive analytical process.

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Industrial design

Create innovative and elegant products that meet the real needs of the user.

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Interaction design

Bring to life your product vision and ensure consistency between the physical and digital user experience.

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Mechanical engineering

Ensure conformity of the technical product and optimize its components for production.

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Flesh out ideas to speed up validation.

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Project management

Manage your product development with agility.

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Our methodology adapts to the unique needs of each project

Based on the double diamond model, Alto’s process is comprised of four phases corresponding to the stages of product development. The process is adapted to the nature of each project.

Projects’ parameters sometimes change along the way: our support is therefore evolutive and flexible to transform the unexpected into opportunities. The initial assessment of the project determines the services offered: we listen to the needs and discuss them together. When the project starts, our team is already mobilized to meet your challenges.

Our multi-disciplinary team and our workshop enable us to offer a range of services adapted to complex projects. Depending on your needs, our services can be offered at different points in the process.


Our process is based on the “double diamond” model used in design to structure and guide the creative process. This model consists of four phases, represented by two diamonds, and emphasizes the divergence and convergence of ideas. The first diamond represents the research phase, during which a wealth of information and hypotheses are analyzed to determine design paths. The second diamond represents the exploration of preliminary concepts, which are then selected and refined through to industrialization.

This adaptation of the double diamond represents Alto’s design vision, which is why strategy and empathy are omnipresent compared to the conventional model. The emphasis we place on prototyping and the iterative validation process stems from the same intention.

Experience has shown us that involving design at the strategy stage helps to ensure that innovations are integrated seamlessly and coherently at a later stage. This important step helps to rally stakeholders and decision-makers around a shared vision of project objectives.