This product category includes specialized devices and equipment often manufactured in small or medium series. Our aim is to ensure that the external appearance of the product matches its internal technological core and the effort you have invested in it. That’s why our customers entrust us with the design of their product’s housings, guards and other interface points.

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A user-centred approach

We create equipment and interfaces that make cutting-edge technologies accessible and user-friendly

Our work enables us to create products that stand out for their attention to detail, while meeting the economic realities of manufacturing.

Our design approach includes visual brand consistency, ease of use, access points for service and maintenance, product safety and visual harmony.

A collaborative process

We work closely with your engineering team, defining the boundaries of involvement right from the start of the project

Our collaborative approach enables us to create quality products with clients from a wide range of sectors. Our industrial equipment projects cover a wide variety of products, from robotics and operator stations to specialized systems and their interfaces.

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