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Grand prix du design 2020



Design of a Beecon device for hive monitoring

Positioned at the heart of an agtech product ecosystem, the Beecon is a receiver designed to gather key health indicators of the hive: humidity, temperature, vibration, and sound. These data are then transmitted and interpreted to inform the beekeeper about the condition of their hives and bees.

The global Nectar product ecosystem has been developed to respect bees and their environment. The Beecon simplifies the work of beekeepers while ensuring it never interferes with the bees activities.

Operation of the Beecon

Before the product design, a Phase 0 strategy was carried out to ensure that the design would meet the concrete needs of beekeepers. To promote product acceptance, it was necessary to adapt to their working context.

Beekeepers work under challenging conditions with cumbersome equipment, which dulls their senses. To inform them that the connection is successfully established, the Beecon emits a LED signal, a sound, and a vibration.

The Beecon’s anchoring system cleverly uses the battery volume to attach to the inner frame of the hive.

A Porex membrane ensures humidity passes through while maintaining the waterproofness of the Beecon. A sealing gasket has also been added. Its bright color helps in locating the Beecon, which is often covered with wax and propolis.

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