Two Gold Certifications – Grands Prix du Design 2022

By Patrick Mainville, August 29th, 2022

Alto Design wins 2 Gold Certifications as part of the Grands Prix du Design competition.
Kinova's Link 6 collaborative robot project and the Newton Lite Lift manual shade system from Altex (in collaboration with Elabore) both earned this honor.

A prize awarded by the prestigious GRANDS PRIX DU DESIGN competition is a seal of excellence and an international benchmark.

KINOVA - Link 6 cobot


With more than 15 years of experience in the field of robotic solutions, KINOVA is launching Link 6, a new generation industrial robot designed for all businesses looking to benefit from automation.

The design and engineering teams have developed the geometry of the robot with the aim of obtaining a compact and sturdy look, while favoring maximum reach at the tool head. Several models and prototypes were made to simulate various layouts and optimize the final configuration. The limited footprint of the base associated with an extended reach provide the Link 6 with an undeniable advantage for any industrial application.

The machined aluminum casing hugs the mechanical actuators as closely as possible, giving the robot a compact and agile appearance. A visual language combining precision, robustness and user-friendliness has been put forward to translate KINOVA's long experience in automation and break with the rather playful aspect of the competition.

Each articulation point of the cobot allows access to the various actuators via a series of removable covers, offering the possibility for targeted and rapid maintenance. The covers have thus been designed and adapted to the volume so as to conserve the formal fluidity of the surfaces, while creating optimal clearance to facilitate the replacement of the actuators.

•Intuitive user interface with visual programming for quick onboarding
•Innovative multi-usage wrist for ease of use and increased efficiency, including an illuminated LED ring annunciator signifying the status of the robot at a glance
•Superior hand-guiding capabilities

In a booming market, this innovation created from scratch in North America stands out for its ease of use and unparalleled user experience. Link 6 is Canada's first industrial collaborative robot, featuring automation solutions that enable greater daily efficiency while improving the quality and consistency of production results. Kinova's Link 6 controller provides the highest processing power and memory capacity on the market while keeping the size of the controller compact, making it ready to use with the AI solutions of the future.

Thanks to the high processing power and its large memory capacity, the KINOVA Link 6 and its compact controller are ready to meet the most challenging requirements in terms of AI solutions of the future.

ALTEX - Newton High-Speed Lite-Lift  


Determined to meet new regulatory measures coming into force in the upcoming months, ALTEX and its team of collaborators have designed and developed a new mechanism for window coverings without visible cords or chains.

How can a window covering system turn out to be a feat of design and engineering?
Manufactured with proprietary patented technology to maximize lift and minimize effort, Newton's "High-Speed Light Lift® System" harnesses the power of precision and advanced mechanics to create the most easy-to-use manual shades on the market. What you notice first are the two thin wands arranged one in front of the other. One allows the blind to be lowered and the second to raise it. Repetitive downward pulls (pumping) create the action. The calibrated "Lite-Lift" system ensures that the blind is moved with great ease. The fluid motion uses the shade's inertia to extend the momentum beyond the pull stroke, making the user experience simply magical (see video).

Great attention has been invested both in the finish of the product and in its revolutionary mechanism which is concealed inside the roll. The enclosures are refined and discreet facilitating integration into all decors and fittings. A molded elastomer piece has been carefully designed to ensure flexible, multi-directional movement of the wands. Finally, a magnet sensor automatically catches the ends of the rods after use, adding a touch of elegance and precision to the system.

•No visible cord or chain
•Quick raising and lowering of the canvas using sticks
•Fluid movement using the inertia of the fabric to prolong the momentum
•Minimal lifting effort — the lowest on the market, even for very large fabrics
•Allows the canvas to be lowered from the base
•Alignment guide to facilitate the installation of the fabric in the supports
•Magnetic wand holder

Intuitive, quiet and durable, ALTEX's new Newton High-Speed Lite-Lift® system harnesses the power of precision and cutting-edge mechanics to create the most easy-to-use manual shades on the market.

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