TOK simplifying meeting room management

October 27th, 2016

On the heels of the BU hydration system, which received awards for its ingenuity and looks, industrial design firm ALTO Design and digital agency Valtech (formerly are pleased to announce their latest creation: TOK, an object that makes it easy to reserve conference rooms.


TOK is designed for small and mid-sized companies, with one to ten conference rooms, and is an affordable solution that connects by Wi-Fi to an existing email server, without an additional software layer.

The object, developed mainly for corporate users, is easy to use, discreet and has a
contemporary design, to blend in with the environment, regardless of the identity of the
company where it is installed.

From a distance, only the ring of 24 LEDs is visible to help users identify available time slots. Users can reserve 30-minute blocks directly from the physical interface. Reservations are automatically added to the room reservation system, such as Microsoft Exchange or** Google Calendar**.

Developed using the Particle platform

TOK was developed using the Particle IoT platform, which interacts with a Microsoft Exchange or Google Calendar server that manages meeting planning and room reservations. This makes it possible to connect the physical object to the service layer in the cloud, one of the most reliable on the market. The configuration and management interface was developed using Django.


New functionality will soon be added: a bot system that uses technology based on artificial intelligence. Users can send a request for TOK to reserve a room via their messaging system, text message or the Slack collaboration platform.

Partners to kick off marketing

ALTO Design and Valtech, who patented TOK in spring 2016, received the go-ahead for the
industrial manufacture of the printed circuit board. The next step for the two companies is to find an investor to begin marketing the product.

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