On the Grid, a tour guide for creative professionals

By Louis Fortin, May 15th, 2017

A few months ago, the On the Grid project came to ALTO. Since then, we’ve selected a few places in Rosemont to take photos, get informed, and to give our neighbourhood enhanced visibility.

Briefly put, On the Grid is a tour guide designed by creative professionals, for creative professionals. The platform is designed to make the experience of discovering a neighbourhood more personal and exclusive. The tool was designed to let you see a neighbourhood through the eyes of people who live there. Initiated by the firm Hyperakt in New York City, the idea has grown and developed in recent years. Since then, hundreds of cities around the world have signed on, all represented by their neighbourhoods, with a creative firm as ambassador.

The ALTO Design team was 100% ready to take this idea on and run with it. We went out of the Angus Shops and visited some 15 cafés, restaurants, and boutiques to give them more exposure to Rosemount residents. Whether they’re local old-timers or newcomers keen on discovering more about their neighbourhood, we’ve made sure they’ll be checking out places that are well worth a step off the beaten track.

Other locales will be added soon. Stay tuned on our social networks…

…and enjoy your visit!

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