CPES2019 - Flexible, printable and wearable electronics.

By Mélody, May 22nd, 2019

At CPES2019, Mélody was submerged with content about upcoming technologies in flexible, printable and wearable electronics. Today, she shares with us her top 3 most interesting take-aways from the event.

Carl Blanchet, Director of corporate Innovation at Cascades

While the vast majority of speakers and exhibitors talked about innovation and the potential purposes of printable and flexible technologies, Mr. Blanchet presented a fresh and candid perspective on the matter.

We know that smart packaging will become a true game-changer for multiple industries in a not so distant future and Cascades is well aware of it. He reminded us that all these cuttingedge technologies, may not be so «smart» if we don’t consider seriously their production and life-cycle when we design and engineer them. He invited us to aim at sustainability and reusability, rather than disposability and cost-effectiveness.

We are very proud to count Cascades among our collaborators; they inspire us and push us to become better corporate citizen. Hopefully, with like-minded organisations, we’ll finally break the ever growing waste cycle.

Collin Dhillon, CTO at Canada’s Automotive Parts Manufacturer’s Association (APMA)

Autonomous vehicles are on everyone’s lips these days. It’s no longer a geek topic, restricted to science fiction and futuristic utopia. It’s very real, today. We had the chance to listen to. Mr. Dhillon’s forward-thinking talk about how V2X (Vehicle-to-everything) and 5G will soon disrupt our lives.

For starters, V2X encompass all types of communication between a vehicle and other entities such as V2I (infrastructure), V2N (network), V2V (vehicles), V2P (pedestrian). All of which are aiming for a safer, faster and energy efficient urban mobility. He predicts that in the near future we will see the emergence of zones in our cities restricted to autonomous vehicles.

He also shared with us some powerful insights, coming straight from the research the APMA is running on their connected infrastructure in Stratford Ontario. You can learn more about their research and demonstration zone here:

Linh Le, Chemical Engineer and CEO of Bonbouton

When attending an event like CPES, you expect to be floored by high-end and high-profile technologies. When Mr. Le first presented a shoe insole on stage, we were wondering how this product could go beyond the performance-oriented offerings already proposed by sport giants like NIKE and others.

You must believe us when we say he delivered! He surprised us with a cutting-edge graphene sensor, which passively monitors the skin’s physiological signals in order to detect early signs of foot ulcers.

For chronic diabetic patients, foot ulcers may result in severe infections, sometimes leading to amputation. For this specific market, the BonBouton insole is a life changer as it creates a preventive care solution and worry-free state of mind. It also reduces the number of trips to the doctor, what’s not to like? Aside from the dreadful implications for the patients, foot surgery is becoming a huge economical burden reaching billions in the US only. Let’s say that Mr. Le sets foot in a very promising market!

This summarizes the highlights of our experience at CPES2019. Let's hope we’ll have as many enriching meetings next year.
See you there!

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